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Indian Sweets are very tempting and mouth watering. Be it a scorching summer or a bone clattering winter indian mithai is always too difficult to resist. A sumptuous meal is always incomplete without sweet dish like gulab jamun or kulfi or gajjar ka halwa.

“Muh Mitha Kijiye”, Sweeten your taste buds: any auspicious event in India is celebrated with delicious and savory Indian sweets. Indian sweets are a important aspect to every joy and happiness celebrated in India. Be it the birth of a child, wedding, purchase of a new property, we provide sweets for all occasions.


For your wedding catering in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nellore, Trichy etc, Sar v Sri provides pure ghee Indian sweets with a creative twist. Some of the famous mithais of India are: Bengali rasgullas, Kaju katli, petha etc. Apart from these traditional mithais, nowadays cakes and cookies are

also very much in trend for your buffet catering options.
Indian sweets, locally known as Mithai, are made with milk,Ghee, cottage cheese and other ingredients. The use of ingredients differs from one region to the other. Indian sweets are plentiful in number and nature and are most delicious dessert item. Indian sweets consist of milk, sugar, coconut and flour based confectioneries originating from the Indian sub-continent. Every Indian sweet has a particular taste and takes a long time to prepare. Sweets of India come in various flavours, shapes, colours and sizes. Sweets are also significant in Indian culture. Sweets are generally presented during festive occasions and ceremonies and also signify good omen, happiness and prosperity. In India every happy occasion is marked with the distribution of sweets. 

 Below we have provided many recipes to tantalize your tongue. 

    • Abar kaho
    • Apple Kheer
    • Badaamandanjeersand- esh
    • Badaam biscuits
    • Badam Ka Seera
    • Jalebi
    • Phirni