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Panni Puri – Khatta Pani Recipe by Best North/South Indian Wedding catering service provider in Chennai

Sar v Sri the best North / South Indian vegetarian home, wedding & outdoor catering service provider in Chennai offers its assistance by sharing this delicious mouth watering vegetarian recipe “Paani Puri”. This popular street food dosen’t needs any introduction! Pani Puri is used to be most favorite chaat for children’s to elders.  Potato, onion, stuffed crispy puri drowned in sour and spicy mint flavoured water. We used to have pani puri stalls often for most of the events like wedding, reception, dinner, BBQ, birthday parties, office, corporate / home functions and other indoor / outdoor events. It was something they have thoroughly enjoyed :)


Pudina pani easily fills one’s mouth and takes even sophisticated palates on a journey of heaven and it is no wonder that it’s a popular street snack for all over North / South Indian. This is usually known as gol gappa, puchka, pakodi, pani puri, etc. These dish which was made by our best catering team for home, reception & other outdoor events it is the most lovable chaat from our client’s point of view :)


Preparing pudina vala pani and masala for pani puri from our catering service team is not only a healthier way of enjoying it but also allows you to change it the way you like it. It is very simple to assemble and one can easily find puri at any Indian grocery store or prepare at home with this recipe. These dish most loved in both North and South side of India.


Little is known about its origins, so we don’t know who invented pani puri or how it came into existence. It’s one of the popular vegetarian street foods of India. Which is usually ordered by our clients for most of their events from us Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian outdoor wedding catering service provider in Chennai (best in birthday parties, office, reception, wedding, home & other outdoor events).


This spicy pani is balanced with the addition of sweet tamarind water. We have certain set of favorite recipes from our buffet list. This dish often offered in North Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisines but where as in South Indian or Brahmin Cuisine it is added as per customer requirements. If you are looking for more recipes then do check tomato soup, eggless chocolate cupcake, badam ka seera, channa masala & medu vadai etc…


There are many type in the fillings and the chutneys in all these regions. The filling also can be made of your choice. Personally we prefer boiled potatoes and onions. So here at Sar v Sri we help by sharing this is to how making it even more delicious, spicy and tasty by the best North / South Indian vegetarian wedding, reception, home & other outdoor catering service provider in Chennai.


Do read the step by step methods for perfect results. As mentioned in the above list of North / South Indian vegetarian catering service we provide in Chennai (we are best in birthday parties, office, reception, wedding & other outdoor events)


Name: Panni Puri – Khatta Pani Recipe by Best North / South Indian Vegetarian Catering Service Provider in Chennai


Serves: 3 – 4 pax




  • 200 ml tamarind water
  • 1 tsp Jeera Powder
  • Black Salt (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • 1 bunch Pudina
  • 1 Bunch Kothmir
  • 5-6 Green Chillies
  • 800 ml Mineral Water




  • Add pudina, kothmir, green chillies, and a little tamrind water to a blender and grind to a smoothe paste.
  • Add the remaining tamrind water to the mineral water carefully as the strenghth of tamrind can vary. Mix this thoroughly and add to the smoothe paste mixture.
  • Add jeera powder, black salt and salt to the water and mix throughly.
  • Adjust the salt and black salt content in the water as per taste.
  • Keep the water in the fridge to cool.
  • Serve chilled with alu masala and purl.


Hope you will definitely make this gourmet dish in home even better than before! Crisp puris filled with sprouts and slightly chilled mint flavoured water make a great snack for a hot summer afternoon. As a result of doing this vegetarian home, reception & other outdoor catering service for over 100 years, experience we gained in this field is incomparable with the other catering service provider in Chennai.


These Indian dish which we serve during your events like wedding, reception, dinner, BBQ, birthday parties, office, corporate / home functions and other indoor / outdoor events, make all our clients to just go on eating until they can’t have any more! This is one of our specialization :)  check out this blog for more delicious recipes from the leading wedding, corporate events, home, office, reception & birthday event best catering service provider of Chennai.


We your favourite, best caterer in Chennai certainly enjoyed writing them for you! :)