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Eggless Chocolate Brownie Recipe by Best North/South Indian Wedding catering service provider in Chennai

I guess you guys would have tried our eggless chocolate cupcakes recipe in the earlier blogs that has been posted, now what today’s recipe? It is the recipe of “Eggless chocolate brownie” from your best North / South Indian vegetarian wedding outdoor catering service provider in Chennai. There are some cakes and muffin recipes that have been requested by readers and we will add them shortly.


For today we are sharing this eggless brownie recipe from our buffet list. We Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian home & other outdoor catering service provider in Chennai (best in reception, wedding, home events) wanted the recipe to be made easily by everyone, so we have used coco powder in this delicious mouth watering dish.


This eggless brownie recipe is made with maida, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, condensed milk, etc… We Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian home & other outdoor catering service provider in Chennai (best in reception, wedding, home events) have used ingredients which are easily available and you don’t need to go hunting for it.


The most important is “Do use a good quality of cocoa powder”. The color of the brownie will also vary depending on the quality and color of the cocoa powder. This dish we use to serve for most of wedding, reception, dinner, BBQ, birthday parties, office, corporate / home functions and other indoor / outdoor events are one of our customers favourites. The one we used gives a dark chocolate color and not a brown color.


Do read the step by step methods for perfect results. As mentioned in the above list of North / South Indian vegetarian catering service we provide in Chennai (we are best in birthday parties, office, reception, wedding & other outdoor events). The most important is, as a caterer we have over 100 years of experience in this field. These chocolate brownies are not chewy, but are soft, moist and cake like. We have not added any dry fruits in it. but some chopped roasted almonds or cashews or walnuts would really go well in the brownie.


Name: Eggless chocolate brownie Recipe by Best North / South Indian Vegetarian Catering Service Provider in Chennai


Makes: 1.5 kg of Brownies




  • 150 gms ghee
  • 100 gms coco powder
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 380 gms Maida
  • 150 ml Milk 
  • 280 gms Sugar
  • 100 gms Walnuts
  • 20 gms Baking Powder 
  • 20 gms Cooking Soda 
  • 10 ml Vanilla Essence 
  • 100 ml Curd




  • Mix the above together and churn slowly with an hand blender.
  • Add walnuts and ensure that the same is spread evenly across.
  • Place the made batter in a Baking dish lined with butter and bake @175-200 Deg C for 20 Minutes and then raise the tempreture to 300 Deg C for a further 15- 20 mins 
  • Cut the Brownies and serve hot with Choco sauce and/ or Ice Cream


Keep an eye on this blog for more delicious recipes from the leading wedding, home, reception & other outdoor event best catering service provider of Chennai. This dish often offered in North Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisines but where as in South Indian or Brahmin Cuisine it is added as per customer requirements. If you are looking for more recipes then do check paani puri, badaam ka seera, sweet corn soup, chocolate mousse, etc… in Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian home & other outdoor catering service provider in Chennai (best in reception, wedding, home & other outdoor events) webpage.


This dish served as good dessert at events like reception, office, home & other outdoor events, etc… The “Mughlai Alu” is a famous in International Cuisine, we Sar v Sri the best vegetarian North / South Indian wedding & reception planner in Chennai is at your service.


We your favourite caterer certainly enjoyed writing them for you! :)