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Mughlai Alu Recipe by Best North/South Indian Wedding catering service provider in Chennai

Are you ready to make the new recipe from your best North / South Indian vegetarian wedding outdoor catering service provider in Chennai. Today’s recipe is nothing but the delicious “Mughlai Alu”. These mughlai alu is by far the tastiest and richest of them all!, these dish most loved in both North and South side of India.


Though Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian home & other outdoor catering service provider in Chennai (best in reception, wedding, home & other outdoor events) have certain set of favorite recipes from our buffet list, this one we love to make it, this recipes have a distant aroma that is quite captivating.


However Mughlai Alu is best suited in North Indian cuisines, by far the tastiest and richest of them all! but we are so eager to serve this delicious vegetarian dish in our other cuisines too, like South Indian, Brahmin Cuisine & Chinese or Continental cuisines for most of wedding, reception, dinner, BBQ, birthday parties, office, corporate / home functions and other indoor / outdoor events


The potatoes in these dish are stuffed with a rich filling of cashewnuts raisins and green chillies and then deep-fried in ghee. You could substitute the ghee for oil while deep-frying or even bake parboiled potatoes after stuffing.Have this mouth watering dish delivered to your home, reception or other outdoor  event by our best vegetarian catering service team


Mughlai Alu is something that came from the kitchens of the mugal emperors. They were know for their lavish lifestyle and also cuisine. Mughlai Alu is today widely followed in North and some places in South Indian.There are many way to make this dish if you search in web you can see that, but what we help people by sharing this is to how making it even more delicious, softy and tasty by the best North / South Indian vegetarian wedding outdoor  catering service provider in Chennai


Do read the step by step instructions and notes carefully for perfect results. As mentioned in the above list of North / South Indian catering service we provide in Chennai (we are best in birthday parties, office, reception, wedding & other outdoor events) the most important is, as a caterer we have over 100 years of experience in this field.


Name: Mughlai Alu Recipe by Best North / South Indian Vegetarian Catering Service Provider in Chennai


Serves: 3-4 pax




  • 150 gms Potato
  • 50 gms Cashew
  • 100 ml whisked Curd 
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 small Tomato 
  • Oil 
  • Jeers 
  • Hing
  • Ginger & Green Chillies Paste (approx)
  • Degi Mirth
  • Heidi
  • Salt
  • Corriander Leaves (for garnish)




  • Boil potatoes and keep aside.
  • Soak cashew for 30 mins and grind. Keep aside.
  • Chop tomato and onions finely. Keep aside. 
  • Heat oil in a pan. 
  • Add jeera, ginger green chillies paste and hing. 
  • Add the finely chopped onions to the pan and roast continuously till golden brown. 
  • Add tomatoes to the pan and stir continously till oil seperates on top and it becomes a pulp.
  • Add degi mirth, salt and haldi.
  • Allow the tomato and onion mixture to simmer fora few minutes and add the cashew paste. Stir continously and allow the oil to seperate on top.
  • Add the whisked curd to the pan and stir continuously. All the ingredients of the pan to simmer for a few minutes. The Mughlai gravy is now ready . (This can be used for paneer, kofta etc)
  • Add the boiled potatoes and garnish with Ghee, Cream and Corriander leaves.


Hope you will definitely make this gourmet dish in home even better than before! Mughlai recipes are rich and heavily laden with fat, carbohydrates and proteins. They also use cashew-nut paste or almond paste along with a generous amount of ghee. Keep an eye on this blog for more delicious recipes from the leading wedding, corporate events, home, office, reception & birthday event best catering service provider of Chennai.


We Sar v Sri – North / South Indian vegetarian outdoor wedding catering service provider in Chennai (best in office, reception, wedding, home & other outdoor events) are so happy to share this wonderful Mughlai Alu recipe with you. These mughlai recipes are said to be one of the richest among the world cuisines. Mughlai recipes have a distant aroma that is quite captivating.


This dish served as good curries at events like reception, office, home & other outdoor events, etc… The “Mughlai Alu” is a famous in Indian Cuisine, we Sar v Sri the best vegetarian North / South Indian wedding & reception planner in Chennai is at your service.


We your favourite caterer certainly enjoyed writing them for you! :)