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Sandwich Masala Recipe by Best North/South Indian Marriage catering service provider in Chennai

Wondering what recipe from your best North / South Indian vegetarian home, marriage, reception & outdoor catering service provider of Chennai, Sar v Sri offers its assistance by sharing this delicious “Sandwich Masala” recipe . We have already shared this recipe in veg grilled sandwich recipe. But we wanted to make the separate post for it. So we can show our love for it. Hope you give it a try.


Our sandwich – especially the one made with the sandwich masala from your best North / South Indian vegetarian home, marriage, reception & outdoor catering service provider in Chennai is quite unlike the subtle international ones! It is scrumptious and very exciting. Fit to have steaming hot on a rainy day, or wrapped up for guzzling on-the-move, it is a handy delight, which everybody loves.


During events like marriage, reception, dinner, BBQ, birthday parties, office, corporate / home functions and other indoor / outdoor events. What makes this snack so special is the Sandwich Masala from our famous buffet list, which we show you how to make in this recipe :)


When making this sandwich masala, you must take care to grind the powder a second time after adding rock salt, because these are usually lumpy and unless you grind it again you will not get a fine powder. It is also important to add a huge amount of salts and amchur as shown here in order to get the intense flavour. This recipe is shared by your favourite catering team.


We are making this sandwich masala powder for many events since past few years. Earlier we was making sandwiches without this masala and it was tasting good. But after sprinkling this masala into the sandwich, it tastes better, no much much better than before. So from then we are in love with this sandwich masala. From that moment we never make any sandwich’s without this masala.


With just few sprinkles of this masala it makes the sandwich’s even more delicious. All our guest during the events loved it to the core and they even started to ask the secret behind the sandwich’s that have been served by Sar v Sri – best North / South Indian vegetarian reception, marriage, outdoor & other home events catering service provider in Chennai. Hope you will try this out, so you can try out our sandwich recipes which has been shared in the earlier post.


This recipe of Sandwich Masala is very simple and quick to make. Here is the procedure how to make this recipe! As mentioned in the above list of North / South Indian vegetarian catering service we provide in Chennai (we are best in reception, marriage, home & other outdoor events) the most important is our 100 years of experience in this catering field.


Name: Sandwich Masala Recipe by Best North / South Indian Vegetarian Marriage Catering Service Provider in Chennai


Makes : 75gms




  • 2 Tsp Jeera Whole
  • 6 pcs Laung
  • 6 pcs of Cinnamon Stick
  • 20 pcs Black Pepper Whole
  • 4 tsp Saunf
  • 1 No Jai phal
  • 4 tsp Black Salt
  • 2 Tsp Salt
  • 4 tsp Amchur Powder




  • Sautee all the above ingredients on low flame and grind to a fine powder.
  • The resultant mixture when sprinked would enhance the taste of ANY SANDWICH.
  • The masala can be stored for long periods in a cool, dry place.


Hope you enjoy making and using it in any sandwich’s to make it a gourmet dish! These sandwiches are good fit in International cuisines, some time we even offer this dish in North Indian, South Indian and Brahmin cuisines.


Keep an eye on this blog for more new delicious recipes from Sar v Sri the leading North / South Indian marriage, corporate events, home, office, reception & outdoor events best vegetarian marriage planner in Chennai is at your service. We are very happy to share this delicious recipe.


Sar v Sri – North / South Indian best vegetarian outdoor, reception, home & other marriage events catering service provider in Chennai, certainly enjoyed writing them for you! :)